Gathering Day 3

We started our morning with the EaND synod. All 660 (give or take a few) met for worship with communion then broke into small groups to talk about 7 practices of discipleship: worship, pray, serve, give, study, encourage, invite. We got to meet others who live just a few miles/hours from us. 

After that, we were supposed to have a “scavenger hunt” but I opted for rest instead of walking in pouring rain during a thunderstorm. The girls eventually discovered that there is a hotel across the way from our window and were excited to meet people without actually meeting them…

We then ventured out into rain to find food. We had a goal in mind but after getting drenched walking in rain and flooded streets, we found a little good-in-the-walk pizza place with DELICIOUS pizza and nicest owner!

The next on the docket was to get to the dome to stand in line to enter and claim our seats. It was our night for floor seating, but we opted for front row of the first level, which was a perfect option for us short girls!

Here are some pics from the mass gathering:






2012 ELCA Youth Gathering (day 1-2)

Yesterday was the official start to the gathering.

Tuesday was spent traveling. We arrived in New Orleans on time only to stand and wait in some oppressive heat and humidity for a shuttle to the hotel, where we then waited to check in. We had FINALLY gotten to our beds at 3:00 am, but fortunately we were able to sleep in since the events didn’t start until later in the afternoon.

We woke up Wednesday and decided to walk a bit around the French Quarter.
We went shopping!
Souvenir shopping, that is… we bought matching shirts (Trouble 1/2/3 T-shirts and some masks).
Dinner was at Popeye’s.

Then the afternoon was spent trying to figure out where I was supposed to go for adult registration where I picked up the backpacks, shirts and bibles.
Altogether I walked at least 5 miles. That’s a lot of walking! Thus far, no blisters…

The gathering unofficially started with a tailgating party at Champion Square, an outdoor gathering place just outside the dome where people lingered eating food, talking and listening to the live entertainment.

The gathering officially started at 7 in the Superdome. Lots of people excited to gather together to hear great music and speakers.
Just as we were getting ready to leave, we were told to stay put due to a thunderstorm. So we sat around for 45 minutes or so as we waited for the storm to pass by. We still got soaking wet as we walked the mile back to our hotel in rain, but that was the most comfortable we had been temperature-wise since getting to New Orleans.

This morning (day 2) we are doing our service project. Practice Justice is our theme for the day. We will be intentionally doing God’s work with our hands in the community!


the gathering begins...

Waiting for the storm to pass

Peppy party update

I know, you’re wondering: What on earth does Pastor Kara need to update you on with regards to a pig made out of peppermint? Did he melt or something?

Kara’s answer to such a silly question: Of course he didn’t melt! Solid peppermint doesn’t melt… (at least not to my knowledge)
In fact, Peppy’s still in his plastic shrinkwrap and looking as unhealthy as ever (I don’t think peppermint is necessarily healthy).

Peppy’s day of reckoning is coming soon…Dec 11, to be precise.
Sometime between 3 and 7 pm, to be even more precise.
Probably around 5, to be even more precise.
(question: is there a way to be even more precise than even more precise?!?)

However, I make a Peppy party update because of the following reasons:
1. The time and location were set for the Christmas party (3-7 pm at the parsonage in McVille)
2. The age limit was set for those expected to attend (ages 12-29, although I will welcome anyone brave enough to enter a party intended for youth). I suppose the “young at heart” could theoretically count as youth…
3. The means for choosing who gets to break Peppy were decided:
…Step A: show up at the party and enter your name in the drawing
…Step B: be really lucky and have your name drawn
…Step C: be entrusted with the felt bag and mini hammer
…Step D: hammer away!
4. The other events at the party were suggested (beyond playing games and eating food):
– make a Christmas card for someone
– watch Christmas movies
– listen to Christmas music
– decorate Christmas cookies (and of course enter the cookie decorating contest)
– and last but not least: attend the Christmas cantata next door at 7:30

Peppy arrived!

In case you are wondering who Peppy is, I’ll tell you.

Peppy is a pig made of peppermint. (My mom found him in a catalog)
Peppy is going to be a main feature at the youth Christmas party in December. (Mark your calendars for the afternoon of Dec 11)
Peppy will be broken apart and savored by many (cause pigs are meant to be eaten, after all).

peppy the peppermint pig

Acres of Terror

The youth from Tri-County teamed up for a bus trip to the Acres of Terror. We joined up with two other youth groups (most/all the kids who came attend Griggs County Central) for this fun event.

Special note: Pastor Jerry and Pastor Mike did not go into the “scary” Acres of Terror, but Darla and Pastor Kara did…

Here are some memories:

– Bus ride

the bus ride

– Being chased by a man with a chainsaw as we wait for the sun to go down

– The dark night…(Darla is in the bottom left corner)

taking pics in the dark