Worship changes for tomorrow (Nov 11, 2012)

Changes to worship schedules tomorrow: no service at Grace City, no service Our Savior’s McHenry and no service Our Savior’s Kloten due to the icy conditions and the possibility of snow on top of the ice…

we’ll be keeping an eye out on the roads and keep you posted about Binford, McVille, Cooperstown and Hannaford as it continues to drizzle freezing rain creating tricky driving conditions


Please feel free to call, text, email, facebook, or comment on this blog if you have questions

Survey time!

Over the course of the past few months, TCM council members have been working to compile a list of questions to ask to members and nonmembers about church: what excites us, why we do/don’t attend, what programs or ministries we want, etc

And so we put together a survey. It is available online and also in paper form (in churches Nov 6).

Click here to take it online

Thanks for your participation and we look forward to reading what you have to say!

Hello, TCM!

This is the first blog post! (nothing like being obvious)

The intention of this blog is for a quick, fun, and easy way to communicate.

I’m not sure all that will be posted here, but it should be interesting. Whether pictures or thoughts about activities, plans for the future, or the occasional sermon, I hope that you will continue to read about what is going on in your parish, your church, your youth group, your confirmation class, your Sunday School, your Bible study, etc. I hope you get the idea that we want you to know what is going on, to be excited about all that we are doing in God’s name, and to help us brainstorm where and how God is leading us into the future!

The main bloggers are myself (Pastor Kara), Pastor Jessica, Theresa (parish admin) and Darla (youth director).

If you ever have anything to add, or want to post something, please email one of us and we’ll get your pictures uploaded or words inserted.

I hope you enjoy reading and keeping up with what is going on at TCM!!!!!!!

Pastor Kara