LWR Delivery

This is what the semi truck trailer looks like after two days of dropping off boxes by people in the Grand Forks area. I hauled up 16 boxes, filling my SUV. And I thought that was awesome (and assembling 110 school kits truly is awesome), but I was even more amazed by the sheer volume of donations people yearly gather to donate to people of the world. We at TCM are a small part of God’s church across the world, but I am excited to see how we contribute to the bigger picture!


On a side note, we will be tracking our school kits and quilts as they make their way across the world. Those details to come later…

2013-14 Slide Show

Each year, TCM gathers at Red Willow Bible Camp for a worship service. This year we gathered for a fellowship time before (thanks to all who contributed breakfast foods!). During the fellowship time, I thought it would be great to have a slide show going where we feature some photos taken at various events and locations of where TCM members gather. If you read the blog, you should recognize all the pictures…

So here it is!

Tri-County Ministry

Confirmation Service Trip

We trekked to Fargo/Moorhead area last weekend to help out at the Churches United shelter, community outreach center and thrift store.
Part of our trip was to go shopping on a budget, to see how many items they could purchase with only so many dollars. I had fun talking them through how to choose what would be better purchases with limited money (and can’t go over).
But it was also a fun time eating, spending several hours cruising around in style (gotta love the TCM van) and stopping to take a picture on an old bridge just outside of Hannaford.