Sledding – Sunday, March 9

So here are pics from the sledding party we had this past Sunday afternoon. The weather was amazing (about 40 degrees), the snow was wet and glorious for playing, and the people who came were awesome! We spent about an hour outside before moving in for some snacks. Thanks to Rob and Linda for hosting and their grandson for scouting the best sledding hill the day before! Also, thanks to Nancy Charles for sharing pictures she took (especially since Pastor Kara’s camera battery decided to die after taking only a few pictures)!

IMG_2181 IMG_2182 IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2186 IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2191 IMG_2192 537075_10151915809452046_537222492_n 1004853_10151915808677046_1865541778_n 1175623_10151915808897046_952028615_n 1488120_10151915800722046_2144309537_n 1505383_10151915801167046_37419958_n 1505403_10151915800982046_1067400675_n 1601340_10151915809277046_1678926715_n 1780770_10151915808807046_715917582_n 1794572_10151915808667046_636278971_n 1798536_10151915809172046_478175434_n 1798780_10151915800727046_1215008735_n 1898041_10151915801462046_1640618816_n 1900002_10151915809122046_768326865_n 1901326_10151915800742046_2030909622_n 1901425_10151915809637046_1932576943_n 1901746_10151915809237046_1060150853_n 1901948_10151915809352046_401516720_n 1924922_10151915801387046_258976119_n 1932237_10151915801022046_1194188643_n 1962690_10151915801252046_502801127_n 1977019_10151915801122046_1085508846_n 10013941_10151915800942046_55325640_n


We meet at Red Willow Resort to eat and then went skating earlier this week as a time for fellowship amongst TCM members.

I didn’t capture the different people who ate at the Resort, but I did get some of the skating…