Lent Project 2016 – School Kits

I love to do the work of the Lord.
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy doing things for others. Last week, I was reading a prayer during church that basically said “help us to give as well as receive.”
I’m the opposite.
I’m better at giving than receiving.

And during the season of Lent, what we at TCM are giving are School Kits.
These are cloth, drawstring bags filled with school supplies.
We are collecting pencils, pens, scissors, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, notebooks and crayons.
The essentials for school kids across the world.

For the complete lists, here are the two websites:
Lutheran World Relief
Presbyterian Disaster Response

Please note that LWR and PDA have different amounts that they want for their kits but the basics are the same.

But one special note: the cloth bag
this is not a tote bag or a backpack like we use in the USA but something that we can sew together using any cloth that is not stained or torn.
Or purchased online through a few different retailers who carry the right size.

After Lent, we will be working to assemble the kits.
If you are willing to volunteer, please let the TCM staff know.

Hope that you can help out this ministry of encouraging kids across the world to take education seriously knowing that we support them!

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