Joys of winter weather

So I have to admit that this blog has not been updated for a long time.
But this is a quick update as I hear the wind picking up and rain has been falling yet a blizzard warning is in place for early tomorrow morning.

Once again, we are playing with our phones as we talk about the weather (cause like all good Midwesterners, we love talking about the weather).
This time, planning for safety.
As of 7:30, McVille Lutheran, Our Savior’s of McHenry, and First Presbyterian in Cooper cancelled. Grace City is waiting on decision about worship but annual meeting postponed. McVille annual meeting being rescheduled for following Ash Wednesday service.

Of course I love a good storm, especially when it leads to snow days 🙂
Just like every school child, adults can also take joy with a day off.

My favorite joys of winter:
– Drinking hot chocolate (or another hot drink of your choice)
– Snuggling under afghans or quilts
– Watching the flames of a fire or candle
– Wearing sweaters and flannel pants
– Catching up on reading or TV shows

It’s the little things in life that are the greatest blessings after all.

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