August update

Okay, people of God, it’s been some time since I last posted.
I have some updates for you on what has been going on this summer:
– pastors traveling for continuing education and vacation (serious amounts of travel). I went to Minneapolis twice this year for clergy conferences, whereas Sherri headed to California for an intense week of classes.
– camp at Red Willow Bible Camp. Pastor Sherri and I each spent a week at camp. We both enjoyed our time away while still being near enough to get back when needed. Sherri so much that she is back this week for wilderness training
– we’ve had numerous baptisms, weddings and funerals. All cause for celebrating life that is truly a gift from God.
– Pastor Sherri and I ventured to the International Peace Garden last week and even made a quick side trip to see Lake Metigoshe (since we were so close). Two places I had never seen before and it was a beautiful day!
– worship continues, with us doing sermon series. We started with Ruth and are wrapping up Wisdom (Proverbs and Ecclesiastes) tonight. We will reflect on spiritual gifts once before switching back to lectionary
– parish worship this Sunday. Come and join us at RWBC for worship that includes communion, a baptism, blessing of the quilts made in our parish, and fellowship time! If you want a ride, please contact others from your church or your pastors

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