Pastor Kara at RWBC

So I am blessed this week to be the Pastor of the Week at RWBC.
Yes, it’s not far from my permanent address, but in many ways it might as well be on another continent.
I’m here for AMP! Camp, which is the camp dedicated to high schoolers. It’s a small yet amazing group of teenagers who are excited to be at camp and see familiar faces they meet during previous trips to camp.
But I’m not staff, so I get to do my own thing as well.
Like skipping some of their activities to go kayaking with Becky/Nellie (if you call the camp, she’s the person you are most likely to speak with).
Or sitting around talking instead of going to crafts.
Or catching up on emails and summer worship planning instead of partaking in “Tie-Dye Tuesday”
But I make sure to attend worship times and Bible studies, hikes and time on the water.
This has been relaxing, yet also quite the workout.
I’m doing lots of walking up and down hills, been kayaking, and walking my dog a few times a day.
It’s relaxing when the birds are loud and the squirrels are everywhere.

Here is a picture from on the water last evening:


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