Pastor Kara at RWBC

So I am blessed this week to be the Pastor of the Week at RWBC.
Yes, it’s not far from my permanent address, but in many ways it might as well be on another continent.
I’m here for AMP! Camp, which is the camp dedicated to high schoolers. It’s a small yet amazing group of teenagers who are excited to be at camp and see familiar faces they meet during previous trips to camp.
But I’m not staff, so I get to do my own thing as well.
Like skipping some of their activities to go kayaking with Becky/Nellie (if you call the camp, she’s the person you are most likely to speak with).
Or sitting around talking instead of going to crafts.
Or catching up on emails and summer worship planning instead of partaking in “Tie-Dye Tuesday”
But I make sure to attend worship times and Bible studies, hikes and time on the water.
This has been relaxing, yet also quite the workout.
I’m doing lots of walking up and down hills, been kayaking, and walking my dog a few times a day.
It’s relaxing when the birds are loud and the squirrels are everywhere.

Here is a picture from on the water last evening:



So here are a few things (well, a few more than a few) going on that people ought to know about:
1. Both Pastor Sherri and I will spend a week at Red Willow Bible Camp this summer as the on-site pastor of the week. Awesome! I’m looking forward to reporting for duty Sunday afternoon and hanging out with some highschoolers.
2. On Friday, June 13 (yep, Friday the 13th) TCM will be meeting up at the New Rockford musical. If you wish to meet us there for the performance, go to or call 701-947-2174 to get tickets reserved.
3. Pastor Sherri is starting a bible study at Trinity on Tuesday mornings at 9. The topic will be the upcoming sermon text each week. I am thinking that an evening study would be excellent, so look for that in July.
4. Speaking of sermon texts, we are going to be doing three (yes, three) sermon series this summer: Ruth, Wisdom (selections from Proverbs and Ecclesiastes) and Spiritual Gifts. Ruth starts June 15 (or 19 in Hannaford), so please join us!
5. Wednesday evening services began at Faith in Hannaford last night (true sign of summer, right?)
6. Some churches will be having worship at the lake, so please keep your eyes on calendars and bulletins for time AND location changes.

I’m sure there is more to come, but we’ll keep you posted!