Adventure at a preaching festival

So I drove to Minneapolis in a thunderstorm
Went to IKEA
Walked and took bus
Worship (where I spent much time looking for familiar faces)
National Lutheran choir (I knew someone)
Then back to dorm where as soon I laid down and tried to sleep, fire alarm went off.
What a day!

Confirmation Service Trip

We trekked to Fargo/Moorhead area last weekend to help out at the Churches United shelter, community outreach center and thrift store.
Part of our trip was to go shopping on a budget, to see how many items they could purchase with only so many dollars. I had fun talking them through how to choose what would be better purchases with limited money (and can’t go over).
But it was also a fun time eating, spending several hours cruising around in style (gotta love the TCM van) and stopping to take a picture on an old bridge just outside of Hannaford.