Farewell, February

Okay, so this past month has seen astounding amounts of complaining about the cold.
I don’t know about you, but this winter has pushed me to the limits of what I can handle. I had no problem moving to North Dakota a couple years ago because I thought “I prefer cold to heat.”
But I have since had to learn to clarify my language a bit more: “I love cool or cold temperatures, but the artic blasts and frigid temperatures are too much.”
I find it amusing the first couple times the thermometer drops below zero.
It has ceased to be amusing.
In fact, my current goal is to look at the weather forecast and not see any negative signs anywhere attached to numbers.
Simple, right?
Well, I keep hoping and praying.

But I do strive to see the good in everything. So while the temperatures may be negatives, there are some positives.
(did you catch that double meaning…negative as in bad and in super cold?)

– sundogs. Gotta love weather phenomenon that shock and awe.
– pretty blue skies. In case you don’t pay attention, the color of the sky is a pale, pretty blue when it is ridiculously cold. In summer it is a deeper, richer hue.
– snow days (or cold days or ice days). Who doesn’t like a day off? The perfect way to change plans: enforced time to stay in your pajamas.
– sunglasses. Seriously, the snow is blinding so you should protect your eyes.
– clear roads. No ice forms or sticks to roads because it is too cold to melt in order for it to become ice. I’m not looking forward to the great melting.
– sweaters. I love sweaters. I love to feel warm and cozy.
– earflaps. If you haven’t seen me around, I have two fuzzy hats with earflaps. Stylish and practical! And only acceptable in subzero temps.
– remote starter. My Christmas gift to myself this year was breaking down and buying that handy little remote.
– permafrost. Well, I’m not sure if this word actually applies, but I was fascinated to hear people say that some areas have frost 5 1/2 feet deep. That’s taller than me. Impressive…
– crisp air. Just smells fresher and cleaner than summer. If you can inhale it into your lungs, that is.

Today is the 28th of February.
Tomorrow is March. In like a lion this year? A really cold lion, perhaps?

When I think of the many blizzards we had last Feb/Mar, I think I’ll stick with the cold.
I really didn’t like shoveling snow that much…