Update for Sunday, January 26, 2014

Well, we are reminded yet again that there is a power out there much greater than us. I’ve lost count of how many times this winter we’ve either cancelled or thought about cancelling various church activities because of weather.

This afternoon was another such day as snow started to fall and the meteorologists started predicting [possible yet likely] blizzard conditions for tomorrow.

As of 9 pm, Trinity in Binford is still planning on having services at 11:15 followed by annual meeting.
If that does change, people will be called and notices will be posted online.

– no church at Grace in Grace City
– no church at Our Savior’s in McHenry
– no church at First Presbyterian in Cooperstown
– no church at Faith in Hannaford
– no church at McVille Lutheran
– no afternoon of games at Faith

If you do travel anywhere, please be wise and careful.
As my dad always said to us as we bundled up and prepared to go outside: “Got your coat, cap, gloves, mittens?”
God does watch over us, but there is no need to put Him to the test unnecessarily.
Stay safe and warm out there in the cold and snow!

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