So close you can almost taste it…

Well, some of us have already started tasting the delicious foods that show up once a year.

But for many, the countdown has shifted from days to hours.

Less than 24 hours from now, people will be gathering for Christmas Eve services. We will hear the good news of Christ’s birth. We will sing songs we know by heart. We will light candles. We will be moved and inspired by how God interacts with us. 

Our waiting is almost at an end. 

And yet we continue to wait. 

We will celebrate and rejoice but we also wait with bated breath for the big changes that will come when Christ comes again, not just when we remember a birth. 

We wait and can sense change is coming because we know Christ truly is Emmanuel, God with us. Christ is Jesus, God saves. Christ is the Messiah, Anointed One, chosen to rule and lead God’s people in this world and the next.

Isn’t it exciting and wonderful and amazing?

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