Summer is winding down…

Sad face, right?

Hard to believe that summer is basically over for many of us. The weather warms up again to over 90 degrees for the first time in weeks (I miss the cooler temps already) just in time for students and teachers to reenter the school buildings (hopefully with air conditioning). Farmers have started to harvest crops (barley and wheat, from what I as a non-farmer understand). And we at TCM are plotting and planning for confirmation and Rally Sundays.

This summer has been full of adventure and fun. The last time I posted was shortly after the skating at RWR. After that, I was a world traveler who visited three countries (Iceland, Germany and Canada – although Canada was just for one night), went to Nashville twice (after never having been there before, I visited my sisters one trip and attended a conference the other), and flew with 6 different airlines (5 over the course of 3 weeks in June). I toured numerous locations that I have never seen before and some I had not seen in years. I saw old friends and met new colleagues. I even went to my high school reunion where we opened some time capsules from 5th grade. Talk about sharing old memories and catching up on the recent changes in life…

But it was not all fun in other states/countries:
– McVille Days with the outdoor picnics and the canoe races and the baseball games and the 5k (yep, I walked it with some TCM members!)
– Glorious days for hanging laundry outside to dry
– Clergy retreat in Grand Forks through the Presbytery (have to admit that the waterpark attached to the Canad Inn and Alerus center was impressive, especially for being indoors)
– watching the helicopters as men dangled below in order to hang up the new powerlines

But laid-back summer is transitioning to education-filled autumn. It’s always bittersweet at this time of year as vacations end, weather starts to turn (but not for some time…), and classes resume (I admit openly that I am a nerd at heart who likes learning).

May God bless the fun and adventure we have in life while constantly helping us to grow and learn in faith and love

Pastor Kara