Lenten reflection #1

During the season of Lent, we are shaping our Wednesday services around phrases taken from the popular song “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”
Our first two weeks were structured around the first two lines of the song: “Beneath the cross of Jesus I long to take my stand” and “The shadow of a mighty rock within a weary land”
Pastor Joel worked with the first line and I worked with the second.

I talked about rocks.
Rocks are firm, solid, able to withstand much pressure, unchanged by water or wind.
Rocks can provide shelter and serve as barriers from harsh circumstances that endanger lives, like a shadow in a sun-filled and weary land.
Rocks are good things to have in a desert.

But that is not the only reference to rocks.
We know that God is our rock (see Psalm 18 for an example), but how many of us think of other people as our rocks, our pillars of strength and shelter?
Even in the Bible, people realized that people in our lives could be rocks sent by God.

I learned that Isaiah 32 is where we find a reference to a the mighty rock in a thirsty land. In this passage, we read that God will send leaders who will be just and righteous, who will provide a break from the not-so-pleasant leaders the Israelites have been living with and under. These rocks will come at the time in their lives when they are in need of safety and strength and shelter.

So we worship God our Rock and we thank God for the gift of other rocks sent into our lives to be sources of shelter and strength, in the midst of the harshest storms in life.