Transition time

One of the hardest parts of our lives is the fact that we are constantly journeying, constantly undergoing change and trying to adapt to new ways of living, thinking, being.

On Sunday, we said our farewells and sent Pastor Jessica off with blessings for her new ministry as she moves and starts a new call. Her last words to us were about the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus with Jesus. They were with their lord and yet did not recognize him during the journey, until their eyes were opened as they shared in the mystery of breaking bread. Even when they did not recognize Jesus, he was with them. And so we have the same promise of knowing that Jesus is with us even when we might not recognize his face.

We have officially entered a new time in TCM.

Right now, we are also searching for an interim pastor as we also start searching for a new pastor through the call process.

The year 2012 is over, and 2013 has begun. This is a time when many people set up resolutions for the new year. Our culture is excited about new beginnings, and I don’t think we should be an exception.

Yes, the future is scary with the unknown elements. We don’t know the twists or turns or roadblocks or detours that we will encounter on our journey.

But we do know that God has a destination in mind, even if the journey seems a bit treacherous at times.

So in this time of transition, may we know that God walks in front of us to prepare the way, beside us to be our friend, behind us to encourage us, above us to watch over us. God walks with us, even when we cannot see God.

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