kyrie eleison

kyrie eleison = Lord, have mercy

A prayer for your suffering children, O Lord:
In the wake of so much pain, turmoil, confusion, violence, anguish, torment, sorrow
Lord, have mercy
Be with us as we seek to understand how so much can go wrong in our world
Lord, have mercy
Be with those who suffer, who grieve, who lament and mourn and cry out to you
Lord, have mercy
Be with us as we mourn with victims, as we seek to understand, as we strive to follow your will, and as we seek in all we do and say to show our love for you and for one another
Lord, have mercy

Wait and hope

During the season of Advent, we find ourselves at odds with the rest of the world.
We sit in our churches on Sunday, waiting for Christmas to arrive, waiting to celebrate the birth of the Savior.
But the rest of our world is already celebrating, and when Christmas day arrives, they will move on to the next season.
While the world tells us that this is the Christmas season now, we Christians officially don’t start Christmas until Christmas.
Christmas is the pinnacle for both.
For the world, Christmas day is the end of the fun.
While for us, Christmas day is but the beginning of a new era.

I get quotes and devotions emailed to me daily.
Today’s quote seems to capture the essence of what we do:
“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.”
. – Alexandre Dumas
I think that this truly does describe our reality as Christians, especially during the season of Advent.

During Advent we wait.
We wait for Christmas.
We wait for the Savior to come again.
We wait for a new reality.
We wait.

And we hope.
We hope that God has not forgotten us.
We hope that the Savior will come again.
We hope that world will change.
We hope.

We wait and we hope.