Worship changes for tomorrow (Nov 11, 2012)

Changes to worship schedules tomorrow: no service at Grace City, no service Our Savior’s McHenry and no service Our Savior’s Kloten due to the icy conditions and the possibility of snow on top of the ice…

we’ll be keeping an eye out on the roads and keep you posted about Binford, McVille, Cooperstown and Hannaford as it continues to drizzle freezing rain creating tricky driving conditions


Please feel free to call, text, email, facebook, or comment on this blog if you have questions

Seasons of change

Over the past couple months, we at TCM have been changing things.

We have been trying some new worship schedules, added a monthly youth group meeting, and planned for an afternoon of family fun.
We have been changing as the trees changed from green to brown/yellow/red to barren and covered in snow.
We have been changing as the church season slowly moves from the season of Pentecost/ordinary time to the many church holidays that have begun.

We have been trying out a new worship rotation with congregations switching times or leading their own services without one of the two pastors present. While some may not love this change, I myself am excited to hear some of the stories for those congregations who have members stepping up and having fun planning and leading their own worship. When I was in college, I loved being part of leading worship. Others may not be as excited as I am to pick out hymns and scriptures, to write a short message, and to stand in front of a congregation with the privilege of welcoming people to the service and then being a guide as those who gathered sing, listen, read, pray and praise but I do hope that people are excited to have the opportunity to be involved in a new way during worship.

We have added more opportunities for people to gather and to talk about what is going on in life and about faith.
– The high school youth have the option of gathering once a month for bible study/faith discussion, fun and games, and a meal. While we have not had big turnouts, I hope those who come have appreciated the opportunity to meet, or at the very least to encounter their pastors in a different setting from Sunday morning worship or from leading confirmation.
– At Trinity in Binford, we have also added “Coffee and Conversation” where the ladies can gather to drink coffee and just take time to chat and catch up. Conversations have roamed to cover every aspect of life, from faith issues to health issues and everything in between.

Our afternoon of family fun included a few families gathering at Grace City to carve pumpkins and decorate cookies. The conversation was lively as people were keeping their hands busy. It was a great afternoon and is likely to become a yearly activity.
I hope that we will be able to plan another family fun afternoon, so we would love to hear your suggestions for activities!

Bible studies and adult education have restarted in some of our churches.
– McVille recently had Pastor Jessica leading a series where the women of the Bible were discussed, and just this week I started a new series to talk about prophets. We discussed Samuel and his connection to the beginning of the kings of Israel. Next week we will finish up Samuel and start on Nathan (the two prophets connected to King David).
– Lay disciples are meeting and discussing “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Anyone is welcome to join for theological discussion!

Change is part of our lives, but we should not fear change. Instead, I believe that we should embrace change and entrust that God will use the change to help create something new.