Let the games begin…err…Let our education begin!

I can just imagine an announcer with a booming voice letting people know that the fun is about to start.
My last post was about how September has arrived and with it comes programming.
But it seems like now things are really getting started.

This past Sunday, two of our congregations had Rally Sunday, and two more celebrate theirs this coming Sunday.
The kids are back to Sunday School after a summer off.
We are getting things ready to learn and teach all we can about our triune God, the Bible and our Christian church.

But we are also educating not just the children.
Adults need to learn and grow in their faith as well.
There are a few educational events starting up and all are welcome to attend.

Tomorrow night (Thurs, Sept 13) at 7:00 at First Presbyterian in Cooper, a group of people interested in God and church are gathering together to discuss the first chapter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. If I’m not mistaken, the chapter is titled Community, so you can come whether or not you’ve read much Bonhoeffer. This group that meets monthly is officially called “lay disciples” but don’t let that name scare you off. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, whether clergy or lay people, since we are all disciples of Christ.

Next week, Lutheran Church of McVille will be hosting a Bible study where Pastor Jessica will walk through various stories about women in the Bible. That group gathers at 9:00 am on Wednesday mornings. The folks in Binford heard much of this during last school year, but we can read and hear the same lessons numerous times and learn something new. This group meets weekly through the school year, so feel free to stop by whenever you are in town!

Also next week, we are starting up a new group in McVille. Some men have expressed an interest in having their own time to study Scripture since most Bible study groups tend to have the men outnumbered by women. I set up an initial time of 4:00 on Thursday as a time to start meeting. This is a new ministry and I hope that there are men across our TCM parish and in surrounding communities who would be interested in gathering for some time to read scripture and talk in a setting meant for them.

I know that next month, Trinity Lutheran in Binford will be starting up adult education once again following their 8:30 worship time. More details to come later.

If you ever have an idea for education or activities that you feel we have overlooked, please let us know.
I love planning and organizing events and helping you to find a place in the Church where your interests and needs fit.

Hello, September!

Well, summer is officially over.

How do we know this?
1. School has resumed with students and teachers back in classrooms
2. Labor Day is behind us meaning the main camping season is done
3. Temperatures are dropping (but Pastor Kara is LOVING the cooler temps)
4. Leaves are starting to change color and fall to the ground
5. The list of events/activities for your pastors has doubled from August to Sept

This past summer has been an experience.
Unlike last summer, drought was a concern in ND.
Unlike last summer, I had a dog to walk every day.
Unlike last summer, your pastors were traipsing all across the country.
Literally, across the country. Pastor Jessica flew out to visit her family last month on the East Coast. Pastor Kara drove out to Montana and Wyoming then drove to New York last May, flew to New Orleans to attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering in July, and ended up driving to South Dakota and Missouri to spend time with family (new nephew was born and two sisters were in a car crash). We just missed the Southwest and Pacific states…

For good and for ill, the summer is over. Now is the time for us to buckle down and restart many programs.
Rally Sundays for Sunday School programs are restarting this week (and will continue to happen over the course of a few weeks).
Confirmation will restart up the last Saturday in September.
Adult education programs are also getting back to routine.
– Binford will have adult education starting in October (following 8:30 worship).
– McVille will restart Wed morning Bible study on Sept 19 and will be starting a Men’s Bible study on the following Thursday afternoon.
– Lay disciples (which all are invited to attend) are meeting the second Thursday of each month and will be reading through Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together.