Pastor Kara’s week update

Chaos reigns supreme…at least it seems like it.
In reality, God reigns supreme and I know it.
My whole family knows it.

I have spent the past week with family. After church I took off for the Black Hills to see a new nephew. While I was there, I got a phone call in the wee hours of the morning (the morning I was planning to come back to ND) informing me that two sisters were in a car accident in Kansas City area. They were involved in a head-on collision with a drunk diverging the wrong way down the interstate. Their car was crunched so much that all who responded to the scene were amazed to see anyone alive. The person following put out a fire and the firemen had to put a chain on their car connected to the truck to keep it from falling off the concrete barrier pic the overpass upon which they were perched. 
KrissaMarie is doing well. She has tenderness in the abdomen from the seatbelt and a torn ligament in her knee. But she is already back in SD and needs to schedule reconstructive surgery.
Kayla is the one struggling with two broken femurs as well as a crushed right elbow and broken left forearm and wrist. She is lucky to have survived, even if she has limited mobility and severe pain.
My family is grateful that God was watching out for them and keeping them safe.
But this means that I am missing out on much happening in our communities up North.
I am thinking of all of you and hope to be home in a couple.days.

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