ND after NOLA

I don’t think I will think about humidity quite the same way after a few days in New Orleans summer. The first night was a major shock to the system as we left the airport to stand in 90+ degrees with high humidity as we waited for our shuttle to take us to our hotel. I don’t recall ever being quite so hot and miserable.

When we got to the airport in Fargo about an hour ago, we were greeted with 60s and much lower humidity. Thanks be to God!

The entire trip back we would occaisionally talk about things we saw or heard or experienced. We made lots of memories, good and bad, that will remain with us for a long time.

But I think the first change for us to adjust to with our return to ND is the fact that we will no longer be walking five or more miles a day…

Even though we are running on fumes and adrenaline, the past week was remarkable as we are pumped up to bring some new songs or stories into our churches.

So watch for us, because we will be coming to each of our congregations to talk about what we experienced and how we know that God is definitely working in the world and in our lives!

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