ELCA Citizens with the Saints day 4

Well, day 4 began with breakfast at IHOP where we ate pancakes and other breakfast foods.
Then we slowly made our way to the convention center for Practice Peacemaking.
At the center, we began our day with worship lead by a highly energetic group of talented musicians (just how ALL the bands could be described). The girls and I ended up on the floor in the 4th row, where Andi encountered a youth with a lot of gusto for music but not much control over where his limbs flail…
We then proceeded to the areas of fun: inflatables, workshops, places to draw or act or dance, ziplines, bumper cars, mini golf, etc. They did shop but ended up being tired so we left after walking around.
And we napped.
After our refreshing (but far too short) nap, we ate at the Checkered Parrot.
Then we went to the dome for the nightly gathering featuring SWITCHFOOT!!!!
Te focus for the night was justice, where each speaker encouraged the energetic youth to go home and continue to make a difference, one person at a time working to do what they can to change the world.
The meeting ended with a performance by Switchfoot that was highly anticipated and was a lot of fun. I myself had seen them perform a few years ago and was feeling excited to watch them again.
But no gathering is complete without the Community Life, when the teens get to have fun with their peers. For us, that has meant going to dances at a nearby hotel.
It is sad to think that tomorrow is the last day. We will be finishing up the gathering with worship in the morning (just like every morning) at the dome with all 36,000 attendees. Then the afternoon will be spent seeing a bit more of NOLA (New Orleans, LA).

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