Gathering Day 3

We started our morning with the EaND synod. All 660 (give or take a few) met for worship with communion then broke into small groups to talk about 7 practices of discipleship: worship, pray, serve, give, study, encourage, invite. We got to meet others who live just a few miles/hours from us. 

After that, we were supposed to have a “scavenger hunt” but I opted for rest instead of walking in pouring rain during a thunderstorm. The girls eventually discovered that there is a hotel across the way from our window and were excited to meet people without actually meeting them…

We then ventured out into rain to find food. We had a goal in mind but after getting drenched walking in rain and flooded streets, we found a little good-in-the-walk pizza place with DELICIOUS pizza and nicest owner!

The next on the docket was to get to the dome to stand in line to enter and claim our seats. It was our night for floor seating, but we opted for front row of the first level, which was a perfect option for us short girls!

Here are some pics from the mass gathering:





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