2012 ELCA Youth Gathering (day 1-2)

Yesterday was the official start to the gathering.

Tuesday was spent traveling. We arrived in New Orleans on time only to stand and wait in some oppressive heat and humidity for a shuttle to the hotel, where we then waited to check in. We had FINALLY gotten to our beds at 3:00 am, but fortunately we were able to sleep in since the events didn’t start until later in the afternoon.

We woke up Wednesday and decided to walk a bit around the French Quarter.
We went shopping!
Souvenir shopping, that is… we bought matching shirts (Trouble 1/2/3 T-shirts and some masks).
Dinner was at Popeye’s.

Then the afternoon was spent trying to figure out where I was supposed to go for adult registration where I picked up the backpacks, shirts and bibles.
Altogether I walked at least 5 miles. That’s a lot of walking! Thus far, no blisters…

The gathering unofficially started with a tailgating party at Champion Square, an outdoor gathering place just outside the dome where people lingered eating food, talking and listening to the live entertainment.

The gathering officially started at 7 in the Superdome. Lots of people excited to gather together to hear great music and speakers.
Just as we were getting ready to leave, we were told to stay put due to a thunderstorm. So we sat around for 45 minutes or so as we waited for the storm to pass by. We still got soaking wet as we walked the mile back to our hotel in rain, but that was the most comfortable we had been temperature-wise since getting to New Orleans.

This morning (day 2) we are doing our service project. Practice Justice is our theme for the day. We will be intentionally doing God’s work with our hands in the community!


the gathering begins...

Waiting for the storm to pass

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