Synod assembly

This weekend was the annual synod assembly where 400 leaders gathered together from congregations across the Eastern North Dakota synod.
I had a great time reconnecting with other pastors and meeting up with people from across the synod.

Yesterday we gathered early in the morning for worship and then the business meeting began.

The focus this year is youth ministry, which is more than having activities planned to keep them amused. Youth ministry involves training and equipping our young people to live out their Christian faith in the midst of their daily challenges and joys. I have been hearing ideas that may or may not be used in the future.

One of the best parts of the assembly is hearing about the wonderful ministries happening in the Church (big C because we are all united as the Church, not individuals on our own).
EaND synod together raised over $53,000 from collecting quarters in m&m containers. And offering this morning raised over $10,000 with $5000 going to Heart River Ministry. $900 was raised in a day to help bring 2 youth from the C.A.R. to the national youth gathering.

One other thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that TCM’ s own John Leininger has been serving as the secretary for the synod council, but now that his term is up, our 4th resolution (not in the packets) was to say thanks for his 8 years of service.


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