the end of my favorite church season

remember how i said that lent is my favorite season?

(no? well, you should read this previous blog post to refresh your memory…)

but if you do remember, then you know that i love the honesty that comes with lent, when we are honest with who we are as fallen, broken, sinful people in a messed-up world.

as a [new] pastor, i also loved the busy-ness of the season.
i loved having twice as many worship services.
i loved reading and reflecting upon scripture more with others.
i loved the new structure for my week.

but lent is over, which means that we also went through holy week:
– Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph
– Jesus was betrayed by one close to him
– Jesus suffered and died
and of course,
– Jesus rose from the dead

lent may be my favorite church season, but easter is by far my favorite church holiday.

i love easter partly because it is not quite as commercialized as christmas.
but i love easter mostly because this is the time when we celebrate how God triumphs over the the harshest realities of our life: sin and death.

but no matter what the reason, i love easter because of what God has done and will continue to do all because He loved the world and Jesus died to save it.

and i think that such a reality is always worth the love and admiration and worship and praise that we give to God, who cannot be stopped by death or anything else in this world (including all of us human beings).

oh, and maybe i like easter so much because i think that we really ought to be celebrating easter EVERY SINGLE DAY of our lives.
because we would not be anywhere near as fortunate as we are if it weren’t for the fact that jesus went missing from the tomb that fateful morning.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

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