Adult Discussion Group at Trinity Learn about Women in the Bible

Today the adult discussion group from Trinity finished up their discussion on some women of the Bible.  We had a chance to explore Sophia (Wisdom) & Eve, Sarah & Hagar, Jael & Judith, the woman at the well & the Syrophonecian woman, Elizabeth & the widow of Nain, and, finally, the women in Romans 16.

 These women had stories to tell.  We knew them from the scripture passages that introduced us to them; but, we also learned that as women of flesh and blood their stories held more than just what was in print.  And, as for Sophia, her story begins before time began. 

Some things that struck us were (just some things – there were so many I can’t list them all):

            Eve had to mourn the loss of a son to murder and another son to exile (because he was the murderer)

            Hagar is the only person in the Bible to give God a name.  (El-roi)

            Both Jael & Judith were women of strong character who delivered their people from the enemy.

            Phoebe was a deacon and Junia was an apostle.

            Sophia (Wisdom) was with God in the beginning.

Through these stories we learned that we have stories to tell as well.  That all who gather to learn about the people of the Bible and read their stories have the stories of his/her own in his/her journey with God.  Some of the women’s stories helped us to speak; some caused us to pause and look at our own lives; some will keep us wondering.

Maybe during this Lent season you may find yourself wanting to explore the women of the Bible and through them take your own journey of discovery.  Forty days of learning about them; forty days of learning more about yourself: who you are, and whose you are.

 Blessed Lent, Pastor Jessica

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