trip to Spirit Lake Nation

Some of the confirmation students and TCM adults trekked out to visit Dakotah Oyate, the ELCA congregation where Pastor Larry cares for members of the Spirit Lake Nation.

We drove around to tour the area, seeing some of the history of important buildings and the sacred locations (like where they celebrate the Sundance ceremony, partake in sweat lodge, and travel for a vision quest).

In the afternoon, Larry and his wife Darla shared stories with us: how the Dakota people came to be in this part of the country (since they originated in the Wisconsin area), what were some significant events in history that shaped their culture today, how they walk between two worlds as they try to remember who they are as Dakota and yet also as Christians, and what are some common myths that lead to a lot of fear and misunderstanding.

The following video is a compilation of 1.5 hrs of lecture and storytelling that I edited down to 25 min. The edit pulls together the themes of what was discussed to help give our confirmation students who missed the trip a chance to hear at least some of what we learned.

Disclaimer – It’s not the best quality for two main reasons: the background noise is the air conditioner running and I’m not good at holding a camcorder for that long of time, so there are times when I didn’t realize what I was filming…

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