Bible Studies abound

In case you had not yet realized, your pastors will ALWAYS say yes to helping people read, study and love the Bible. God’s Word is amazing and changes lives for the better, so we heartily endorse encountering the stories and wisdom that have shaped people for generations.

Current examples:

– McVille Lutheran has a weekly study (Wed at 9 am) where we are currently reading through Genesis. I was warned when I took the call to be the new associate pastor that McVille loves their study. And it’s true. We have met three times to talk about the first book in the Bible (not to mention the other weeks before when we worked our way through the letters of John). We took two days to talk about Creation and this morning we talked about Cain and Abel as well as Nephilim. Next week: Noah

– Trinity of Binford requested a Bible study and Pastor Jessica leapt at the chance (it almost came to us having to rock-paper-scissors to decide, but she won without resorting to any competition). They meet tomorrow (Thursday) for the first time at 4:30. Feel free to join in this study that will go to Christmas!

Both groups are open for any and everyone…seriously, if you wish to show up for one or more sessions (or both groups, if you are adventurous), we’ll find a chair for you!

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